We all have brothers or father or spouse that go to barber once in 14 days to trim their hair and beards. Today there are numerous specialists in the field of male hairdressing and facial but do you how the profession started and what is its history?
Barbers have a long history that first started the profession then evolve them into barber-surgeons and then specialize them into a profession that provide the services of hair-cutting, facial and manicure.

According to archeologists, barbers were there since 4000 BC as they discovered paintings and relics of sharp knives, tools and oyster shell that were used in Bronze Age to trim hair and beard. At that time, barbers were considered as noble people because it was a belief of people that with enter in the body of people through hair and the professional had duty to cut that hair.

Due to class system in society, the hair-dressers were meant to cut the hair of an elite man according to the style that was fixed to use for rich and poor people’s hair were required to cut in different sort of style.

With the passage of time, the position and demand of barber increased in all parts of the world. The barbershop had become the center of philosophical discussions and relaxations as men came there to cut their hair and they used to talk with their fellows when the barbers were cutting their hair or giving them massage. To maintain their beards and look authoritative and elite, poets and philosophers used to go to the barbershop usually to talk and have some trimming. That’s how they became powerful members in Athens during Greek civilization in 5th century BC.

Barbers received great respect during the rule of Alexandre the Great when they shaved the beards of all countrymen and soldiers so that the ruler win against Persians by pulling their beards. The greatest ruler won the battle and barbers were given prizes and authority.

Clergies and monks have given them authority as well because of biblical references. During Dark Ages and 1 to 1000 AD, clergies appointed them to carry out minute operations and surgeries in which they have to make cut on the skin where a person had pain to let the blood come out. It marked the begging of the era of barber-surgeons.  From 1000 AD to 1700 AD, they were considered as surgeons and doctors as well. The barbers used to extract teeth and carry out cauterization and bloodletting.

However, the practice stopped gradually when people started pressurizing to separate the field of barber and surgery. It came to an end with the establishment of barber school in Paris, the Brotherhoods of St. Cosmos and St. Domain. Although barbers do not perform surgeries nowadays, they are specialized very well in their fields. That’s the reason where there so many facilities at Hair Salon Tecom and Kids Salon JLT.