How Much Does It Cost To Build A Company In Dubai?

Dubai, one of the leading business hubs in the Middle East, offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to establish their companies in the region. When considering starting a business in Dubai, one of the key factors entrepreneurs need to consider is the cost involved. While the exact cost may vary depending on various factors, here is an overview of the expenses typically associated with building a company in Dubai. Check this link to know mainland company setup Dubai cost.

License fees:

A business license is a fundamental requirement for setting up a company in Dubai. The license cost depends on various factors, such as the type of business activity, legal structure, and the jurisdiction in which the company is registered. Free zone licenses tend to have specific fees associated with the chosen free zone, while mainland licenses have different fee structures set by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

Office space:

The cost of office space in Dubai can vary significantly depending on location, size, and quality of the premises. Free zones offer different options, including flexi-desks, shared offices, and dedicated office spaces, each with varying costs. Mainland companies typically require physical office space, and the location and size of the office determine the rental prices.

Visa and immigration costs:

Dubai companies must sponsor their employees’ visas and handle immigration processes. The cost of visas varies based on factors such as the employee’s position, nationality, and the type of visa required. Additionally, visa processing fees and medical test costs are associated with obtaining residency permits for employees and their dependents.

PRO and government services:

Public Relations Officers (PROs) are crucial in managing the documentation and administrative processes involved in setting up and operating a company in Dubai. Hiring a PRO or engaging a PRO service provider incurs costs for services such as document attestation, visa processing, company registration, license renewal, and other government-related services.

Sponsorship fees:

If you are setting up a mainland company, you must have a local sponsor, either an individual or a company. The sponsorship fees can vary depending on the agreement between the parties involved and the services provided by the sponsor.

Miscellaneous costs:

Additional expenses to consider include insurance costs, bank account opening fees, professional service fees (for legal and accounting services), and marketing and advertising expenses to promote your business.