Looking for an office but cannot find the type you are looking for. Well, you might have to show some degree of flexibility in choosing an office as not all may be tailor made to fit your needs. Have you tried finding one in the business center in Dubai? There are several reasons for you to look for one in this area. They claim to have the best office premises available for rent. They also claim that their suites fulfill all modern needs but that claim can only be substantiated by those using their offices. From the look of it, these premises seem to have a proper theme to them, and they seem to be doing a good job at it. A casual look at one of the office will reveal to you a lot of interesting things. These offices are designed keeping different customer needs in mind and have made them available in different suites.

You will find adequate space with top of the line facilities, furniture and equipment shelves, tables and chairs, fans and other important equipment. in other words, your business bay office on paper seem like a great investment, something that you will not regret renting but there are a number of things look for. Power crisis is ramping up due to increasing heat and some areas are suffering more from it. It is obvious that there is no room to waste time by sitting idly waiting for the power to restore. Why not just rent an office that has alternate power sources? That’s just one aspect of the office you should be looking to hire. Here is more on what you need to consider before renting an office:

Plain Vs Serviced

That’s like comparing apples with oranges but sometimes you eat apples and sometimes oranges will do. It all comes down to what fulfills your needs and will do so in years to come. Keep in mind that you don’t end up renting offices every six month or so. It is a long term investment that you need to pay a lot of attention before renting. In case you are looking for a furnished office, you will find one with many equipment, a conference room, hall, top of the line equipment, power backup, electricity and wiring with provisions to fit cutting edge equipment and furniture etc. Of course, your baseline office will not offer most of these but it will still be a decent premises ready to use. The level of technology will be below par but there is no much you will get at the price you may be paying for this office.

It would be better to look for serviced offices in Abu Dhabi to get more options.